Gain back an extra hour every day.

TimeIvy is a smart AI time tracker that helps you stay focused and manage your time and wellness.

Free forever. No credit card.

" that it makes me be intentional
about working" 

"...a refreshing way to track your
time and focus." 

" a workaholic, it reminds me
taking breaks" 


Stop asking "what did
I do today?"

TimeIvy automatically captures the apps and websites you use during the day on your Mac. You can always go back to review your day. No more forgetting to start / stop the timer. 


Schedule focus sessions

Block time for deep work or simply adding structure to your days. Start a focus session at any time, or in the future, with the option to recur as needed.

More than 489,448 minutes of productive time by people around the world.


Take care of yourself

It's easy to get carried away with work. But taking breaks improves your productivity and is good for your overall health.

Let TimeIvy remind you with configurable break reminders. 


Create better habits

It's not the same checking your email 30 min, twice a day than 60 times for 1 min throught the day. Identify your current habits and learn to maximize your productivity.


Get a nudge when you need it

It's easy to get distracted with social media, news, videos, etc. These industries are intentionally designed to steal your attention. So TimeIvy will help you to get back on track.


Budget your time

20 min of social media is enough for a day. Or not. Create daily limits and get reminders when you hit them so you are always in control.


A clear picture of your day. With one click.

TimeIvy automatically classifies your time by productivity level and other useful metrics while you use your Mac.

See in real time where you're spending your time every day with TimeIvy's insights. Stay accountable and achieve more with daily goals.

All it takes is one click on your menu bar.


Organize your time

Easily assign projects and tasks with a single click and keep track of your time in any way you want. 

Stop distractions
without punishing yourself

All other apps out there block websites to force you to do things.
Instead, TimeIvy helps you do your best in a positive way.


Start a focus session:

Set the timer and get ready to study. TimeIvy will detect the apps and websites you use on your computer.

Your plant will grow while you
focus on your task.

Productive apps and websites are OK.

If you open a distracting website
or app, it dies.

e.g. Social media, videos, shopping, etc.

Stay motivated

Unlock and collect new plants while earning points as you progress.

Plants have different growth requirements (some die with just a few seconds distracted). So you challenge yourself and keep it interesting and fun.

Loved by the most productive people

TimeIvy users report gaining back more than 1 hour every day, on average. Imagine what you can accomplish with that time!

"2 weeks using TimeIvy and I've finally finished a project I had procastinated for months. A+ recommended!"

David Miller

Developer, entrepreneur

"...a gem for productivity! It helped me understand how much time I was wasting on non-important sites that do nothing for my personal development"

Marie Lultz

Freelance copy-writter

Change the way you manage your time, forever.

It's FREE. No credit card.

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